Ever had questions about the church?

Image result for ask and you shall receiveHappy Friday Everyone! Becca here!

I’m so excited about this years topic, The Church.  There is so much information we could talk about and so many questions that I’m sure we all have. I spent time at the first Family Formation session letting our 4-7th graders ask questions about the Catholic Church. I told them to ask anything that came to mind and the questions they came up with were AWESOME.  They are questions that all of us adults probably have as well, and might not be willing to ask.  I have listed them in this post so you can check them out. Throughout the year, we will address these questions with the kids.  Hopefully we can get through all of them! And if you are interested in learning the answers along with them, I will do my best to post them on the blog as we go! So check out the questions, and feel free to start discussing them with your kids!

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Worship Wednesdays!

Sammie here! Welcome to Worship Wednesdays! Join us here every Wednesday for a worship song and how we can pray with it. Music is powerful. We see it at work in movies. Take the music out of a horror scene in a scary film, and suddenly the scene is not so scary. Add music to a party, and it comes to life! The same can be for our prayer life. Quiet prayer is definitely vital and important, but music can also be a very powerful way to pray.

This week’s Worship Wednesday song is “Do it Again” by Elevation Worship. Continue reading for a link to the song and description of how we can pray with it…..

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The Apologist’s Angle

“The Son of Man is to be handed over to men and they will kill him, and three days after his death the Son of Man will rise.”

Mark 9: 31


Among the many headlines, tweets, and blog posts offering commentary on the current crises in the Church, there have appeared some echoing the belief that this may be the end of the papacy and the dissolution of the Catholic Faith. Though such dire predictions are certainly worrying and attention-grabbing, they fail to consider both the evidence of history and the power present in the person of Jesus. For the leadership first bestowed upon Peter and then passed down through the ages to two hundred and sixty-five successors has rarely been without some sort of trouble. Real low points involved a pope (Stephen VI) who dug up the dead body of another pope in order to put it on trial; Pope John XII, who was elected in dubious circumstances when he was in his late teens and proceeded to turn the Vatican into the 10th century equivalent of a frat house; and the infamous Borgia Pope Alexander VI, who occasionally used his power and influence to advance the 8 or so children he fathered with several different women. Given such egregious abuses, the alleged words of a 19th Century Cardinal when Napoleon threatened him with the destruction of the Church begin to make sense: “If we clergy have failed to destroy the Church in 1800 years, neither will you succeed.”

This mysterious durability attested to by history and alluded to by the beleaguered bishop is hard to explain, and brings to mind the confusion of the disciples in this coming Sunday’s Gospel, who did not understand when Jesus spoke to them of his own rising from the dead. For resurrection power, the flooding force of the Holy Spirit, lies beyond the pale of human perception. And it is precisely that which forms the vital center of the Church, this presence of Jesus which will not go away, and will be ever arising from the ashes of corruption and betrayal to draw people home to the heart of God.

Middle School Resources: September 2018

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September 2018: Another Mother
This month we learned a lot about how the Church is like a lot of things; a family, a ship, and especially a Mother.  Just like in the cartoon above, we can all remember ourselves begging our mom for things and just wanting her attention and help.  Mom’s are good for us and help us learn to endure, as does Mother Church.  Check out the resources in this blog post that will be great for middle school students to learn more about the Church as a Mother who nurtures, guides and instructs.

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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to a new year of Family Formation! We are looking forward to seeing you all. This year we are focusing on the Church. The Family Formation team has spent a lot of time praying and planning and we have a great year in store.   Below we have listed the times for this month’s Family Formation and a list of who exactly the Family Formation team is! Check it out!

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High School Youth Group

Do you have a 9th-12th grader?  Encourage them to attend High School Youth Group! Once school is out, students leaving 8th grade can attend high school youth group and graduated seniors also continue to attend.

If you want to know what kinds of things we do, contact Becca or Sammie.  One thing we are doing soon is a scavenger hunt in downtown Exeter!  There is a permission form here if your high schooler wants to attend!

YG Scavenger Hunt Form