Worship Wednesday-Grammy Awards!

Welcome back to Worship Wednesday! This past Sunday was the Recording Academy Grammy Awards. To win a Grammy is an incredible feat as a musician. It is what most artists dream about. Christian recording artist, Lauren Daigle, won two!!

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FORMED: February 2019

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FORMED has some great programs, books, audio and movies that pertain to this month’s topic.  Check it out!

If you aren’t already on FORMED, all you have to do is go to http://www.formed.org and put in our parish code- KYJ3M2.  Create a profile, and then you have free access to everything on FORMED!

There is also now a FORMED app. Check it out on the app  store!

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The Apologist’s Angle

“Put out into deep waters . . . From now on you will be catching men.”

Luke 5:1-11

     In their 1951 book The Lonely Crowd, two Harvard sociologists described the rise and predominance of an “other-directed” character type in the United States. They identified a commercially-fueled drive toward conformity leading to fewer and fewer truly self-directed people, able and inclined to navigate life without constantly tailoring themselves to the likes and dislikes of surrounding society. This claim provoked a sharp reaction among both academics and Continue reading

Middle School Resources February 2019

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February 2019: Precious
This month we continued learning about Catholic Social Teaching. We covered the following pillars: Care for God’s Creation; Call to Family, Community and Participation; Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers; Solidarity.  We spent time in the middle school class discussing how we would respond in certain scenarios if we were following the Church’s social teaching. The kids had great questions and discussion.  We hope the following resources help further that discussion at home! Continue reading

The Apologist’s Angle

“ And he said, ‘amen I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own native place.’ ”

Luke 4


There are some atheists and agnostics who have pointed out that if there is a God, He ought to make His existence more obvious, especially if knowing Him is essential for our human well-being. After all, what sort of deity would keep his creatures guessing about whether or not he is really present and exercising care? And this raises the question: what sort of evidence would make it overwhelming obvious that God exists? What could not be explained away as illusion or the Continue reading

Worship Wednesday-Build My Life

Sammie Here! Welcome back to Worship Wednesday! I apologize for the hiatus. It has been a while since the last installment. Regardless, it is back today! 🙂

Today’s worship song is “Build My Life” by Housefires. It is moving. So incredibly moving. It reminds us to build our lives on God because He is holy, He created us, He loves us and we are called to worship Him with our lives!! If we build our lives on the promise of God’s love, we will not be alone and we will have purpose. We may go through hard times and struggle, but God will carry us through. When we build our lives on empty promises, we are continually disappointed and let down. What else, or who else can give us the hope that God gives us?

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Middle School Resources January 2019


Image result for cst 101 life and dignity of the human personJanuary 2019: Priceless
This month we began to explore Catholic Social Teaching. We began by discussing the inherent dignity of all human life. We also touched on two other pillars of CST, the option for the poor and rights and responsibilities. The middle school played a mock job interview game to ultimately learn that there are no qualifications we need for God to love us and to be human because we have dignity given to us by him. Because of this dignity, we all have certain rights and also responsibilities, and one of these responsibilities is to protect the most vulnerable and poor. Continue reading

The Apologist’s Angle

“And when the headwaiter tasted the water that had become wine . . . he called the bridegroom and said to him . . . you have kept the good wine until now.”

John 2:1-11


Among the doctrines that can put the Church and the surrounding culture into collision, the insistence that each and every human life is sacred and precious is one of the most visible and visceral. The Church has long warned that failure to afford protection to certain portions of the human family is incompatible with the God-given dignity of each of us, and can create conditions which encourage the intentional extermination of whole groups of people. Continue reading