Middle School Resources December 2017


Image result for catholic christmas cartoon                                  God With Us!
We hope that conversations with your son or daughter about ‘God With Us’ are going well! This post is a list of resources for anyone with a middle school student.  It includes videos, articles, and other ideas to learn more about this month’s topic with your middle school student.

Trying doing one video and one activity per week.  They will hopefully be the start for great conversation. If you and your child have questions, write them down and bring them to Becca next month!

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He Is Near

Who would the Holy Family be in our world today? Would you notice them? Would they stand out? Or would you be tempted to judge them? Look away? To see them as a statistic? As one more family who isn’t meeting society’s standards of “good enough”? What if instead we looked around us — in our cities, in our homes, and in our churches — and we saw the presence of God? The Kingdom of Heaven is here among us because God chose to become a man, to sanctify our world forever! Watch this video, and then spend some time discussing it with your friends, family, church, or small group using the FREE resource here: http://lifeteen.com/cym/blog/near-fre…
This is great for Middle Schoolers and their families to watch and discuss together!